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A Guide to Working Abroad in Perth

Thinking of working abroad in the land down under? Look no further than Perth, a city that has beautiful beaches and is known as the sunniest capital in the world! The fourth most populous city in Australia, despite being geographically isolated, you’ll have numerous things to do aside from work in Perth! Perth has become a city full of fun cultural activities and tourist attractions, and was even ranked one of the top ten most liveable cities in the world. Take advantage of job opportunities in Perth, and you’ll be able to truly explore the open spaces and rural lands of Western Australia.

Jobs Abroad in Perth

Perth experienced a population boom in the late 19th century due to Australia’s own gold rush. These days, however, the economy and overall employment rate are dependent on more stable industries, so put away your pickaxe! Jobs in Perth will give you a more unique experience of Australia than any vacation ever could. Job opportunities in Perth are ideal for individuals that are looking for a balance between big city life and hands on work. 

With hundreds of employable and operational mines in Western Australia, there is a huge demand for employable individuals in the mining industry (on second thought, maybe you should bring your pickaxe). Mining companies are willing to hire people who have little to no mining experience, with the expectation of those that require orientation training. Mining jobs in Perth are no longer considered high-risk jobs, since the introduction of advanced machinery and safety measures. With the global demand for minerals holding steady, the mining industry is booming in Perth, so job opportunities are definitely not scarce.

Agriculture is a major industry in Perth, which grew (pun intended) due in part to the land and space that is encompassed by the region of Western Australia. Within just the last couple of years, Western Australia exported a total of almost 4 billion dollars in wheat. Clearly the agriculture industry is huge in Western Australia, and with the government's support, it remains a very employable sector for international workers; there are even some recruitment companies solely dedicated to finding workers to fill rural farming jobs in Perth as well as other cities throughout Australia

The service industry is the largest sector of Perth’s economy, employing more than two-thirds of the labor force. Perth’s service industry encompasses everything from retail and real estate to tourism and hospitality to health and community services. If you want to work abroad in Perth in less permanent and more casual positions, there are plenty of service jobs for you to choose from. Tourism is one of the largest parts of the service section, with job opportunities available at museums, parks, zoos, and aquariums. 

Life in Perth

Perth is located on the far west coast of Australia and is known as the most isolated city in the world; so why would you want to work in a city that just by the sounds of it seems so barren and remote? Perth is so far away from its own country's capital city (Canberra) that is is actually closer to the capital of Indonesia (Jakarta). The people of Perth have had to learn to deal with the geographical isolation from the rest of the country, and they have learned to thrive because of it!

This distance also partially explains why people who live in Perth are known to be welcoming and overly friendly to visitors and foreigners. Locals are also known for being laidback and relaxed, and therefore tend to work at a slower pace than in other larger Australian cities. If the hustle and bustle of fast paced city life is more your style, then jobs in Perth may not be for you.

The weather is almost always sunny and warm in Western Australia; those who work in Perth will be able to embrace the great outdoors at Perth’s many beaches, parks, and outdoor entertainment venues, and join friends for weekend trips in a number of wide-open spaces.  

Attention music lovers! While many musical artists exclude Western Australia from international tour schedules, Perth organically developed a robust music scene. Not only is the music a unique part of the city’s culture, the geographical location of Perth has also forced locals to create a strong social scene outside of music too, which means there are many independent stores, restaurants, cafes, and breweries to experiment with.

Concerned about getting around town? Perth has convenient public transportation for getting in and out of the city. However, you may need find a friend with a car if you are traveling between Perth’s various suburban neighborhoods.

Salary & Affordability

The average full-time wage in Perth is $75,000 a year. Unfortunately, when taking into account the cost of living, such as rent, utilities, transportation, food, etc., your expenses may add up quite quickly. Although most goods will be accessible, since Perth is located in a remote part of Australia many items will come at a greater price due to the added cost of transportation. Surprisingly, Perth has more self-made millionaires than any other city in the world. If you are lucky enough to indulge in an expensive lifestyle during your job in Perth, then life will be even better. But if not, the inflation can make Perth a rather expensive place to live. 

As the 19th most expensive city in the world (Sydney is ranked 11th), Perth has one of the highest standard of living. To put things into perspective, it costs $3.50 to buy a dozen eggs. Thinking about going to the movies? That will cost you $13 per person for an international release. In the city center, the average rent for a one bedroom apartment is close to $2,000 a month. In order to thrive during your time in Perth, be sure to be conscience of your spending as the laid-back lifestyle may take more to maintain than you may anticipate. 

Accommodation & Visas

With a high cost of living, it is important to understand what, if any, financial restrictions you may have when it comes to finding a place to live. No matter what type of job you are considering, it is important to know that you will save money if you decide to make new friends and live with roommates. No matter where you decide to live, it is important to conduct research on the location you are interested in moving to; if you don’t have a car, ensure that public transportation is close by for commuting to and from work, for example.

Ensuring your safety as well as the stability of your new home are two important things when you are looking for work abroad. Research and understand what you need to do in order to work abroad in Perth legally and safely. To acquire the necessary visa, you will need to work with your employer closely to determine which visa applies to your position and obtain the required documents. Most importantly, understand your rights and responsibilities as a foreign worker in Australia.

Benefits & Challenges

If you are interested in pursuing a job abroad in Perth you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Accessibility. Perth, although seemingly isolated, has much to offer within its’ limits. With plenty of beaches, parks, museums, and restaurants, why would you ever want to leave anyway right?
  • City Life. Perth and its people are known for being relaxed and laid back. Perth is, therefore, perfect for those who are looking for a balanced, quiet lifestyle, paired with the excitement of living abroad.
  • Safety. Besides the dangers of extreme sunburn and certain rare marine life, Perth is a relatively safe city for foreigners, and locals alike. Just avoid walking alone at night and remember to stay hydrated as you adjust to the climate!
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A Guide To
Working Abroad in Perth


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