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A Guide to Working Abroad in Sydney

Branded with the slogan, “There’s no place in the world like Sydney,” job seekers will find that this city offers the rare hybrid feeling of a cosmopolitan center with a laid-back vibe. While working in Sydney you will be able to experience a combination of relaxing beach trips, city happenings, and outdoorsy activities. After a day of work, you may find yourself dining in the Sydney Harbour or whale-watching in the bay. Jobs in Sydney are particularly perfect for those who love the bustle of the city and thrive when they have access to lots of adventure and activity.

Jobs in Sydney

As a world-class city, job prospects in Sydney are sundry and attract paycheck-hungry people from a variety of industries. Whether you aim to join the ranks of the business elite buzzing about Circular Quay, seek to adopt the infamous-laidback Aussie mentality working in tourism on Bondi Beach, or want to warm up your falsetto for your grand debut at the Opera House, there's a job abroad in Sydney for you! 

As a popular travel destination, the hospitality industry in Sydney is booming! Hotels and restaurants make up much of the city’s infrastructure. Restaurants seek chefs and servers frequently, so having experience in these areas will make you feel right at home. Some restaurants in Sydney even offer bartending courses. Hotels commonly look to hire housekeepers, front desk attendants, and porters. With such a high tourism rate, companies frequently hire temporary employees to meet varying seasonal demands in the hospitality industry.

Finance is another popular field of work in Sydney. As a global city, Sydney plays a major role in the world’s economy. It is known to be one of the most important cities for finance in the Pacific. Individuals that are business savvy will thrive in jobs in Sydney in this sector, housed in Sydney’s bustling City Centre district.

Fashionistas will find that Sydney is a growing international center for fashion. Australian labels continue to grow in popularity, and many have begun exporting their designs to department stores abroad. Shops and boutiques line the streets in the northern half of the Central Business District, so if you aspire to find a fashion job in Sydney, you will surely be able to find somewhere that fits your personal style.

Sydney is known to have longer work hours than other large international cities. The average full-time employee works 44 hours per week, but one in five employees will put in over 50 hours. Australians value hard work, but still manage to enjoy themselves on their time off, so you will have plenty of time for adventures outside of your work responsibilities in Sydney.

Since English is the official language, English-speaking candidates will find jobs in Sydney to be quite comfortable in that there will be no major language barrier, which will leave them with more time to relax and enjoy the experience. Beware, though, Aussie’s sometimes speak in slang that leaves foreigners looking and feeling befuddled.

Life in Sydney

Different reports frequently name Sydney as one of the world’s most liveable cities. Thanks to its’ sunny weather (over 300 days of the year!) and friendly culture, Sydney also lands at the top of lists ranking the happiest cities in the world too.

New employees will delight in how easy of a city Sydney is to cheaply traverse by public transportation. Whether via bus, ferry, light rail, or train, you can travel essentially anywhere throughout Sydney’s metro area on public transportation. During your job in Sydney, you will likely want to purchase an Opal Card. This card can be used as one ticket for all transport systems and is ideal for those who want to stay on a low budget. After spending a designated maximum amount or taking a certain number of trips ($60 or eight trips usually), any additional use is of no cost. Each day is capped at $15, and any travel beyond this is also free.

As the most cosmopolitan city in Australia, Sydney offers something for everyone to enjoy outside of work. The performing arts scene is buoyant with dramas, operas, and symphonies across the city. Don’t miss the chance to see a performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House. Active individuals will find no shortage of adventure either. Foreign workers will be able to swim or surf at one of the local beaches, cycle through the park, or kayak or canoe in Sydney’s waterways on their free time.

Salary & Affordability

Salaries in Australia may seem high compared to typical U.S. rates. The minimum wage in Sydney is close to $17 per hour, and foreign workers can expect to secure jobs in Sydney that pay between $20 and $25 per hour. This hike in minimum wage, however, reflects the higher cost of living. While you will find that some purchases, like coffee and soda, cost about the same in Sydney as they would at home, certain items, like branded jeans, Nike sneakers, paperback books, and beer, will cost a premium. Entertainment and dining can prove to be the most pricey; Sydney is consistently ranked among the world’s most expensive cities.

Some work abroad programs in Sydney will require workers to pay program fees, which typically come with resources to assist you with the job search, including resume review and interview scheduling. Some work abroad program providers offer additional benefits too, so your program fees may include housing upon arrival, travel around Australia, a foreign bank account, and even surfing lessons! Review the benefits and inclusions your work abroad program or employer offers before you accept an offer or apply, so you know what to expect throughout your job in Sydney.

Accommodation & Visas

Visas are relatively simple to secure to work in Sydney making it a prime location for temporary employment abroad. The citizens of countries that have a reciprocal agreement with Australia, such as the United States, are eligible for a Work and Holiday Visa, which allows them to stay in Australia for up to 12 months and work for up to six. This visa provides foreign workers with ample time to explore all that Sydney has to offer. The visa process is easily completed online, and work abroad program providers often provide visa assistance to ensure a smooth transition. The visa fee is typically $260; some work abroad program providers or employers will include this in their job offer and will secure the visa for you, while others won’t.

Job placement providers or employers usually also support employees in their search for housing, in some way or another. Living accommodations can be difficult to procure, so your colleagues in Sydney will be your best resource, especially if you are trying to set up long-term housing arrangements. It may seem stressful to only have temporary housing when you begin your job in Sydney, but trust that this is common for foreigners just starting their career in Australia. As an added bonus for work abroad programs, because you are able to meet fellow foreign workers upon arrival, you can elect to live with one of your new connections most the time.

Benefits & Challenges

High Caliber Career Growth. Sydney is world-renowned for its role in a variety of industries. As far as global financial and fashion centers go, Sydney is definitely the most laid back, but it still maintains a reputation of professionalism and quality. Those who work in Sydney will gain experience among respected companies and organizations that will prove valuable throughout their future careers.

Pay a Pretty Penny. Working in Sydney will present the challenge of holding on to your paycheck. The opportunities for dining and entertainment are virtually endless. These activities, however, cost a pretty penny. You must reassess how and where to spend your money daily. During your job in Sydney, be sure to take advantage of free or low-cost activities, and splurge only occasionally to get the most out of your experience.

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