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A Guide to Graphic Design Jobs Abroad

You’ve always had an eye for design, particularly when it comes to digital media. Whether you already launched your career or are looking to break into the field, landing a graphic design job abroad can be a great way to take your visual communication skills to a whole new level. This type of career blends messaging with artistry, creating an industry that is integral to a number of sectors. With the rise in technology, there is also a growing need for graphic designers overseas, so if it’s a more creative spectrum you find yourself leaning towards, its time you consider pursuing this kind of international job opportunity.


Due to the overlapping nature of the graphic design field, destinations that offer graphic design jobs abroad are also varied. Responsibilities of a graphic designer may range from publishing to advertising, and even public relations, meaning that potential employees will have numerous sectors to explore job opportunities.

Perhaps life in the Oceanic region is the right fit for you, where your skills in photography will be complemented by numerous creative agencies located in Australia and New Zealand. If it’s interactive design or animation you’re more interested in pursuing, destinations like Japan and South Korea can also be great locales.

As noted earlier, the technology that enables more graphic design job opportunities is continuing to expand, particularly in places like Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark. This is due in large part to each country’s focus on education and government support of technology, which in turn allows for more companies to look to international employees in their hiring process.

It’s important to note that regardless of location, many of graphic design jobs overseas will be highly competitive, as organizations will look for an educational background and carefully consider what talents potential employee brings to the table. This is especially true for destinations in Western Europe, like Italy or Spain, where graphic designers with an interest in high fashion or art will need a well-developed professional background in order to win the dream graphic design job abroad.

Graphic designers are noted for their knack with visual communication skills, so having (or achieving) proficiency with a destination’s native language and an understanding of its culture will help guide you in determining where to work abroad. Whether its in a marketing department or a design studio, there will be plenty of graphic design job opportunities to apply for. 

Graphic Design Jobs Abroad

Design jobs abroad are particularly specialized, and interspersed with a variety of responsibilities, depending on the specific sector a designer is hoping to work in. Specifically, graphic design job roles can include working as an entry level production artist, an experienced art director, or even as a freelance designer who reports to a senior media creative. The culture of graphic design jobs overseas will vary by location and by the type of company you obtain employment with.

For graphic designers who work with organizations focused strictly on design, like a branding agency or design consultancy, hours and pay will be determined by upper level managers. For designers focused on more freelance work, which can needed across numerous sectors (even those that aren’t explicitly focused on graphic design), there is flexibility in determining wages, ideas, and working on your own terms.

While the titles a graphic designer may have vary across sectors and in different destinations, there are general design principles that remain consistent, allowing for more flexibility in where you may choose to obtain a graphic design job abroad. Other skills that may be necessary for graphic design jobs overseas include an affinity for illustration, animation, or photography.

Individuals who want to fulfill graphic design jobs abroad should also have the added ability to communicate with clients and successfully interpret and carry out instructions given to them. Being able to communicate in the local or native language is thus essential, and most organizations will seek such proficiency of international graphic designers during the hiring process. 

Benefits & Challenges

  • Rewarding. Design job opportunities abroad can be as rewarding as they are educational. Previous experience, educational background, and a well-developed portfolio are all important components in determining what level you will enter an organization at and what kind of growth will be available to you once you are hired.
  • Mid Range Salary. Regarding financial compensation, graphic design jobs abroad vary depending on the destination, living costs, and lifestyle. A graphic designer in the United States can be expected to make a median salary of $44,150 per year, while a junior graphic designer in the UK typically makes between £15,000 and £19,000 per year. The most important thing is to identify what your international budget encompasses, and this will help guide when trying to decide where to apply for a graphic design job overseas!
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A Guide To
Graphic Design Jobs Abroad


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