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A Guide to Jobs Abroad in Ukraine

Straddling a crossroads between Europe to the west and Russia to the east, Ukraine has long been a fascinating and diverse country because of this hybrid identity. While Ukrainians differ on where their allegiances lie, the fact does not change that this is one of the largest and most economically powerful countries in all Eurasia. Finding a job abroad in Ukraine can be a rewarding endeavor in a dynamic Eastern European climate; are you prepared for an adventure?


Ukraine maintains an expansive border with Russia to the east, as well with several other European countries including Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to the north and west. The country further boasts a beautiful coastline along the Black Sea to the south, and because of its large land area and varied landscape, is home to an impressive amount of biodiversity as well.

Kiev, the nation’s capital and largest city, is typically the most popular place where to seek out work abroad in Ukraine. With some 3.5 million people living in the metropolitan area, Kiev is a major scientific, cultural, and industrial hub of innovation in Eastern Europe. The city also boasts an impressive array of architecture, dating from the country’s earliest medieval roots to its advanced modern infrastructure.

Other destinations where you might look for jobs abroad in Ukraine include the smaller cities of Lviv, Kharkov, and Odessa. On a side note, Ukraine has unfortunately been victim to political instability in recent years, so it’s also important before you seek out work to make sure that the destination you are travelling to is an a safe area. Odds are that you will be set up in a stable area as an international employee, but it’s always good to make certain!

Jobs & Positions

There are a couple of different routes you can go down to finding work abroad in Ukraine. The first is engaging in a temporary job placement through a work abroad in Ukraine program (such as those listed on this page). These programs can help set you up with short-term positions in field such as education and youth work, which generally last for one or two years and give you the opportunity to engage everyday with locals in a collaborative environment.

If you are interested in launching a more permanent career abroad in Ukraine, then you might consider applying directly to a Ukrainian company, or else seeking out employment with an international company that can transfer you abroad. Ukraine has a sizeable economy with potent industrial and agricultural sectors, so the opportunities for work in these areas are vast. Specific fields in which Ukraine maintains a strong foothold include energy, information technology, and aerospace engineering.

Keep in mind while looking for work abroad in Ukraine that Russian and Ukrainian are the most commonly spoken languages pretty much everywhere, so you will often be expected to know one of these to be hired. Kiev, being the country’s most globally oriented city, is usually the best bet for anglophiles!

Salaries & Costs

For the most part, Ukraine is a very affordable destination where to work abroad as an expatriate. While it’s economy has developed impressively since the fall of the Soviet Union, recent instability has marred this progress, and most costs of living remain significantly behind Western Europe. The local currency is the hryvnia, which exchanges at roughly 25 UAH to $1 USD.

Your salary will also vary with what kind of work abroad in Ukraine that you find. For the most part temporary jobs abroad in Ukraine, such as those in education or childcare, will compensate you with enough money to get by, but not much more. Stable jobs in the private sector, alternatively, will obviously pay foreign employees better.

Accommodation & Visas

Some employers will help you to secure housing when you work abroad in Ukraine, while others will expect you to find your own accommodations. If you are expected to find your own housing, then looking online for an apartment in advance or living in a hostel upon immediate arrival and looking in person are your best bets. Rent is fairly affordable in most Ukrainian cities, but living with roommates can always help save money nonetheless.

While Ukraine allows visa-free travel for citizens from many countries around the world, you will usually have to apply for a work and/or residential visa to live in the country long term. Either your host employer or work abroad in Ukraine program will typically have to endorse you through this process. Ukraine’s visa policy differs depending on your home nation, so check out our Embassy Directory to learn more information relevant to your individual circumstances.

Benefits & Challenges

Cultural Crossroads. Ukraine’s auspicious geography sitting between Russia and Europe has placed the country at a crucial intersection between two distinct cultural regions of the planet. The result, as you will experience, is a source of immense uniqueness and diversity.

Professional Growth. Taking on a job abroad in Ukraine will give you the opportunity to mature greatly in your industry of interest, while also establishing a network in an emerging region of Europe. Breaking routine has its benefits.

Change of Pace. Moving to another country for work can be hard. Shaking it up by going to Ukraine, which has recently found itself on the hot seat in Europe, will make for one incredible journey.

Ukraine is one of the largest and most influential countries on the European continent, and is too often overlooked by international aspirants looking for work. If you are ready for a formative experience of a lifetime, then start into jobs abroad in Ukraine today.

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